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Our Story

A Taste of Tradition

Little Indian Spice (LIS) was born from a heartfelt dream: to preserve the essence of Indian heritage for generations to come. 

Inspired by the diverse culture of India, we are bringing the authentic flavours of different cultures to those who left their hometowns. We are uniting them by providing their culture's authentic flavours, ensuring our traditions thrive and touch souls worldwide. 

We are bringing the authentic flavour of India from the women present in those places themselves, empowering them and fostering micro-entrepreneurs.

Empowering Women

We collaborate with micro-entrepreneurs and homemakers, specializing in homemade pickles. When you choose to support us, you not only empower these individuals but also get to indulge in the delightful flavors of authentic traditional taste from various regions.

Sun Dried

Ingredients are dried in natural sunlight

Preservative Free

All ingredients are natural and no chemicals are used

Heirloom Recipes

Crafted using recipes passed down through generations


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