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Flavour Fusion 3 Regional Pickles in 1 Pack |Rajasthani Mango Pickle,Bihari Kathal Pickle, Gujarati Methia Mango, 150 gm each

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Experience the ideal fusion of authentic Rajasthani pickles, Bihari Kathal Pickle, Gujarat Methia Mango pickle. Savor the delightful taste of these perfectly crafted delights. Let your taste buds dance with joy as they relish the unique blend of spices, made with love and utmost care. Indulge in the essence of homemade pickles.

Pickles includes in this Combo Pack,

  1. Rajasthani Mango Pickle
  2. Bihari Kathal Pickle
  3. Gujarati Methia Mango Pickle

Rajasthani Mango Pickle - Rajasthani Mango Pickle, a zesty and spicy delight, is crafted from raw, firm mangoes blended with crushed mustard seeds, fenugreek seeds, aniseed, red chili powder, and turmeric powder. This delectable pickle boasts a hot and fiery taste, making it the ideal accompaniment for parathas, roti, dal-chawal, and a variety of other dishes. Its bold flavors are sure to tantalize your taste buds with each serving.

Ingredients - Raw Mango, Fenugreek seeds, Aniseed, Black pepper, Clove,  Nigella Seeds, Salt and Spices Mixed with Mustard Oil.


Bihari Kathal Pickle - Among the most delectable Bihari pickles, this one stands out with its tender Jackfruit chunks infused with a medley of rich spices and mustard oil. Striking the perfect harmony between spiciness and tanginess, it is meticulously prepared by steaming the Jackfruit before allowing the sun to dry its enticing flavors to perfection.

Ingredients - Kathal, Fenugreek seeds, AniSeeds ,Black Mastard Seeds, Kalonji, Rock Salt , Salt and Spices , Mixed with Mustard Oil.  

Gujarati Methia  Mango Pickle -The centuries-old recipe of this Methia Mango Pickle has been passed down through generations. It showcases the authentic flavors of coarsely ground methi and mustard, resulting in a delightful Gujarati pickle bursting with taste. This impeccable condiment proves to be the ideal complement to a complete meal, leaving you with a deeply gratifying sensation after every bite.

Ingredients -  Raw Mango, Fenugreek seeds, Mastard Seed, Asafoetida, Salt, and Spices Mixed with Edible Oil.  

Shelf Life / Best Before

12 Months


Storage Instruction - This pickle will keep for at least a year if you store it in a cool, dark place. Make sure you don't let any moisture enter the jar and don't keep a spoon in it. Use a fresh spoon every time and the pickle will stay fresh for a year.



More Infomation To You

All pickles are packaged in eco-friendly glass jars to enhance the product's shelf life while promoting sustainability. These reusable jars offer a convenient and environmentally conscious way to enjoy your favorite pickles time and time again.